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Business Opportunities:

To expand our business we are looking for food brokers and/or distributors in all states.

Become a food vendor and sell Strudelland® Strudel at fairs, festivals, shows, sport events and other outdoor or indoor events.

Please contact   Strudelland, Inc.  for further information.

Strudelland is an importer and wholesaler, but not a retailer.
We can ship small quantities to certain areas.
Shipping and handling charges will apply.

Please contact our headoffice for details.

Strudelland® is the home of the original European Strudels.

Our pastry favorite products are:
Vienna Apple Strudel and Blueberry Strudel

Savory Strudel: Spinach-Cheese Strudel (Mozzarella)
All strudel products are "freezer to oven" - "ready to bake" convenient products.

Strudels are imported from Austria and Canada.
All products are deep frozen with a shelf live of 12 month.

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